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Live from the stage/my workspace - Photo by  Ivan Monagas

Live from the stage/my workspace - Photo by Ivan Monagas


I am Alejandro Gómez a graphist and illustrator who founded the project In the Ointment. I am specializes in illustration, lettering and branding. My motto:

I grew up in the European Hawaii: The Canary Islands but my heart is from North Pacific.

I Discovered the world of the illustration in anatomy books, always he fascinated me to see the old illustrations, my mother studied medicine, and always my house was surrounded by textbooks with illustrations, anatomy dissections, especially human body. So I decided to study at the art school, i did sculpture, artistic drawing and photography, and of course, graphic design, but recognize that i hate vectors!

In the ointment it was created for the people and brands creative . Tired of the big companies, I decided to create an illustration studio dedicated to photographers, designers, creative textile brands and any project that is in the world and want to go a little ahead, you need to surround yourself with creativity to not stay obsolete, that I call into the ointment. Of course everything is created by handmade with love and simmer, without haste.

If you want to drop the creativity and make a new adventure do not hesitate to contact!


LIVING ON A SATELITE Produced by Ivan Monagas


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